Englischer Garten – Munich


Englischer Garten is a leisure English country styled park in Munich. It was started centuries ago and new things were increased in the park. Currently it stands among the largest parks of the world. The green buildings and spaces enhanced the park and increased its area widely. It is located near the Isar River and was planned by the Bavarian army construction in charge. This park is the complete place of entertainment. It offers a wide range of activities and sports.

Many well known athletes visit here to interact, communicate and practice with other partners. The networks of paths remain filled with cyclists and joggers. Different teams of locals used to plan their activities here. This is also a best place for serenity. A Japanese tea House is located in the park that remains filled with many business people who come for jogging and cycling here. Different Japanese tea events are organized on daily basis. Park is entirely filled with adornments belonging from different styles. There is a Chinese tower which is located beside a pagoda. Tower was reconstructed a lot of times.

There is a beer garden beside the lake where beer tasting is also provided. There are a lot of things to do at Englischer Garten Munich. It is an outstanding place to spend a full day in greenery and activities. One side of the park is exactly near the river where a restaurant is located. This is an entirely amazing place to have fun and enjoy the serenity.


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