Marienplatz and Glockenspiel – Munich

Marienplatz is the famous square of Munich that has many tourist charms. Bike tours are provided for the visitors to roam around the city and get complete guidance about the fun. It is the heart of Munich that is highly endorsed by the visitors. They love this place due to its specific charms. Gothic buildings surround the main square. Main town hall of the city is the most amazing building designed entirely in the Gothic style and looks like an antique show piece. The middle of the square contains a gold plated statute of Mary. This is said to be constructed on 1638. It is an amazing charm of the Marienplatz. Along with all these things, most famous of all is the glockenspiel that is a house located at the square. It is an amazing place filled with sweetness, and spectacular entertainment. This charm attracts thousands of people from all around the world and those who witnessed it with their eyes definitely come back. This amazing thing belongs from the ancient Munich and designed in the typical classic style of art. Glockenspiel is more like a live show of figures. It contains multiple bells and human figures of the life size. They are so real that the show appears like a theater. There are different sections which keep on showing the figures dancing and narrating the old history through their actions. People love and admire this place because it is the most spectacular display of mechanical creativity and art. It can also be called as the mechanical form of illustrations and ideas created in the ancient times.

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