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Barcelona can bring a lot of surprises because it is one of the most famous cities all around the world due to its sports significance. It has amazing sightseeing, restaurants, accommodation, lifestyles and nightlife. It is a very huge city and the capital of Catalonia having several districts. The city is famous for its rich history and location near the Mediterranean north east coast of Spain. From 1992 it became more popular and internationally recognized due to the Olympics games that also increased tourism industry.

The modern designing and lifestyles of people can be judged easily by observing the designs of the buildings, parks and gardens. In some cases the natives of Barcelona intensely focus on modernism. The huge crowds of tourists and the popularity all over the world made the city stand out in every way hence there are a lot of things to do in Barcelona.

The most impressive thing in Barcelona is the surroundings because it is the true collaboration of ancient and modern city. All the ancient buildings are very well preserved and reflect the rich history of the city. It has every latest facility from the world including the restaurants, shops with latest brands, outdoor markets, museums, churches and all the amusements of modern world. Old city is the centre of the city and the sides are surrounded by beaches. Maximum number of crowd visit Barcelona during the August but at the same time 10% shops and restaurants remain closed because of the vacations. The beaches and tourists are very decent until the tourists exploit the surroundings. The possibility of rain is low in Barcelona during the winter season and the months are not too cold. The weather remains comfortable due to which this city is loved by a lot of people.

A very special thing is the water port that is the busiest port of the Mediterranean. Many cruise liners and ships remains there to give an amazing experience to the visitors. The travelling agencies provide the Barcelona tips it is better to consult them because in this way a big saving can be done. The cruise is cheaper to travel from Rome as compared to other vehicles. However to travel to other places and cities a range of car rentals, buses and other public transportation is available that is very convenient to avail. There are many other historical places that worth visiting.

Sagrada Familia is a great symbol of Barcelona culture and reflects the holy family. It is symbol of beauty and impressive architecture. it is basically a church that was entirely constructed by donations. The architect who constructed it was hit by tram and is buried inside the building. The most interesting thing is that, it look like a collaboration of lines and angles where as it is inspired by flow of nature and curves. The inside supportive columns are inspire by the trees so the pillar of the basilica spreads in the branches. It is all made by the proper mathematical division to keep the balance of the place. Another creative place is Park Guell which is basically the collection of Carmel hill from the Collserolla mountain range. It contains different architectures, parks and gardens and is considered among the world’s heritage sites. It is the wonderful piece of nature that is inspired from the organic shapes in nature.

Las Ramblas is the major landmark for the tourists because it is the identification of Barcelona. The central boulevard contains every lively and prominent place of the city including restaurants, shopping malls, bars and clubs. It is also significant for the nightlife because the bars situated here are ready to welcome the party people anytime. There are many other places like Wax Museum, Erotica Museum, Christopher Columbus monument and a lot of human sculptures.

During the trip never look at your map openly in the streets because the pickpockets will know that you are a tourist. Sit in a restaurant or café to see if necessary. There are a little chances of robbery and pickpockets so be careful. Do not place your bag on the floor or beside the chair because they cut the strap so quickly and clearly that no one can understand where the thing gone.

Barcelona Accommodation

There is a lot of accommodation at his place like Catalonia Catedral, Acta Atrium palace and Catalonia Plaza Catalunya. They are very comfortable and facilitated places where the visitors can easily enjoy their stay in Barcelona. The biggest benefit of selecting one of them is their location because majority of the places are close to them.


Flights to Barcelona

Biggest airport in Catalonia is the Barcelona El Prat Airport. This place welcomes and departs around 35 million passengers every year. Girona Airport is another airport that stay crowded with a huge number of people. People largely prefer Barcelona airport because it is near to the city centre and all the important places are near to it. The low cost carriers are Air Berlin, Monarch Airlines, Blue air, Vueling and German wings. The airport has a lot of brand shops, restaurants and duty free shop where urgent purchasing can be done. Wi-Fi is available at the airport 15 minutes for free then the low rates are applied per hour.


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