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Paris is a flat piece of land which is entirely filled with glitters and romance. The optimal beauty is of shining manmade structures with a river flowing into it. The most impressive thing is the romance in the air. The name of Paris comes on number one when it comes to architecture, creativity, street planning, fashion, food and drinks. Usually tourists find the people of Paris rude but it is because most of them speak French and the visitors normally know some typical words of French. This is the overly crowded city and always stays with billions of tourists every year. The city is rich in economy and metropolitan lifestyles. Being a very busy city there are a lot of things to do in Paris. This is a reality that the natives stay busy in their own life so it is better to learn about the city while planning the travel to Paris.

The city is connected to the entire Europe and can be reached from everywhere. The train system helps the visitors and native to go to other cities and visit Paris. Local and public transports are available including the buses, trains and taxi. The Eurolines is to access Europe and Morocco to Paris. To go to London, Brussels and Amsterdam Mega bus service facilitates people. Hence, there is a huge network of trains and buses which interconnects the Paris to other places.

Usually people hire their own private cars to explore Paris. It is a little expansive and sometimes stuck in the traffic jam especially during the summer holidays. Among all the entertaining travelling ways the best one is by foot. The underground train network, buses and trams can be experienced in this way and no inconvenience occurs. Taxi boat is also there because the river Thames flows in the city. There are a lot of things that provides the great pleasures for moving into the city. The Cycling, biking and scooter experience is really amazing especially while having a trip with family.

Paris has a very well planned network of streets which are also beautifully constructed. Tourists can also roam around the city on skates. The large smooth surfaces provide the amazing experience and there is no restriction on such activities. There are many places that worth visiting and are highly admired by the people. The representation mark of Paris is Eiffel tower that is used as the symbol for the city. This is among the largest structures of the world.

Paris is well known for its gothic and dramatic construction. The place has many amazing constructions among which one is Notre Dame de Paris that is a cathedral. It appears in golden color when illuminated in the night. It is a gothic structure and has a mind blowing artistic interior. It is among the great pieces of art because every corner of the cathedral is creatively created. These are the main places for which Paris is well known and highly admired. The Disneyland Paris is actually the place for the children where as everyone can get the complete amusement of this park. All the characters of Disney channel can be seen there.


Paris is known as the house of fashion. Almost every well known brand from the world is available here. Fashion shows and walks are organized to promote the new ideas and styles. It would not be a good decision to travel to Paris alone because a lonely person cannot enjoy the place completely. If a couple or group travels together then they can explore the city in a better way.

Paris Accommodation

Being among the largest travelling spots the city offers a lot of options in every way. From reaching the city to the accommodation everything is on high demand. Among the largest names Le Lapin Blanc is a beautiful and elegant hotel. It is filled with complete comfort and is near to all the places of Paris. Castille Paris is another well known accommodation that is the charm of Parisian life style and fulfils all the things visitor wish while being in Paris. It is the perfect option to acquire with comfort. Le Cinq Codet is an amazing structure that is elegantly designed and increases the romance in the romantic trip of Paris. Tours of the fantastical city can easily me made more fun and exploration by knowing a little about it.

Flights to Paris

It is very easy to reach Paris because the Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the largest one and almost every flight from all around the world reaches here. Packages are offered from all around the world to travel to Paris cheap. The flights of air France mostly have the long route travel that stops on different airports. The travel to Paris tips are available to have the complete guide about the illuminated city. The airport offers a lot of services like restaurants, hotels and duty free shops

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