Neuschwanstein Castle – Munich


This is the fairytale castle where the king used it for private refuge. He avoided the public life and withdrawn the public life. This castle was changed into a tourism spot as the king died. Every day a huge crowd of tourists visits this place. The building is very beautiful basically of lime stone like the way used by thick pieces of the material. It faced harsh climate effects and also welcomed a lot of visitors every day.

This place is in fact very interesting because the castle actually looks like the buildings drawn on the fairy tales. The private refuge of king attracts lots of tourists to just clear the curiosity that why he hid himself from the normal public and started living alone. There are different guided tours organized for the castle. Ticket center is located in the village located down the castle Rock. Wheelchairs can be arranged to reach the place. Walkers, prams and other things are not allowed inside the castle as it has very less space.

The rooms are only visited by booking a guided tour. Pets are not allowed in the castle. This is an amazing place that is why a lot of precautions are followed just to keep it in its natural form. Entire castle is no smoking because it was not allowed in the ancient times as well. Filming and photography is also not allowed in the castle. This is a fantastical place worth visiting but the pictures can be purchased by different resources of museum and castle. Inside of the castle is extremely beautiful and looks like different Disney castle were inspired by this.


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