Travel to London

The diverse and exciting city has a lot to offer including best sights, activities and lots of shopping. London stands among the most visited cities of the world. There are a lot of specialties London offers to its visitors. People of every taste can get a lot of things to do in London because corner of the city is filled with some activities. There are many places that worth visiting like West end Theatre that falls among the best theaters of the world. The acting talent gets a chance to work in here and a few famous personalities can also be seen on the stage of the Theatre.

Before planning the travel to London, it is better to read a little about this city. There are many ways through which this task can be done. London is the combination of nature and activities so, instead of getting over whelmed and avoid opening map again and again it is better to consult the travel to London tips which can help in exploring the huge city more.

There are many monuments, historical places and entertainments in London. British museum is the complete preserved piece of ancient culture and history. There are millions of works stay on display where as many exhibitions are also organized here. The beginning of human culture can be viewed which includes the pieces from all over the world. London’s rich history can easily be viewed by its buildings and architecture. There are universities, galleries, museums, shopping centers, palaces and gardens.

Palace of Westminster has a huge clock tower that has a big bell. It is named as the Big Ben or Elizabeth tower and sometimes by the tourists it is called as the clock tower. It became a sign of London and on many places it represents United Kingdom because of being named after the queen Elizabeth. Among all the pieces of creativity and art the Natural History Museum should also be visited. This is the biggest treasure of the most ancient eras of plants, animals, earth, climate, paleontology and ecosystems hence, it is also very informative. Some specimens from the ancient history are the original pieces where as some are created to give an appearance or association for the understanding of something.

Exhibitions and festivals keep on going in different places of London. The Adventure travel show is organized by the tour operators. They provide an amazing experience of the water life with sharks, whales and other monsters of the ocean.

The visitors get a chance to participate in the photography and collections for different activities. However in the month of February, Chinese New Year is celebrated in London. This is the hugest celebration in the world after China. Nobody is restricted for the celebration hence; a lot of foreign visitors can easily be pointed out among the celebrating parties. To roam around the city different local and public transports are available. London buses provide the convenient travel to different places with a lot of sightseeing options. The underground travelling tube and light railways are also available that is the quickest way to see London.

To make the city view more attractive, river travel or cycling travel are the unique options. The river travel makes London more beautiful especially in the evening. However, bicycles are available everywhere in the city for which first half and hour is free. For the normal use taxi, trams and cable cars are present. Being a very huge city London has a lot of options for travel and accommodation.

London Accommodation

There are many hotels and the fares vary according to the quality.

Park Plaza county Hall London is located near the river Thames. Every location of the main city is close to it. Very spacious and high quality rooms are available with continental and typical English cuisines. For the five stars perfection, Four Seasons Hotel London at Parklane is the best option. Very luxurious and exclusive rooms are there for the guests and a Rolls Royce is also provided on demand to travel to the near places of hotel. London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square is the biggest example of modern comfort and elegance. This hotel is a very luxurious option for the guests finding a perfect stay. Every type of facility can be provided here.

London is a jewel on the crown of United Kingdom and is highly focused all over the world. It is also rich in economy due to the tourism and welcomes the people from every continent. Many creative arts occasions are also organized here, film fare ceremonies, movie premiers, designer work exhibitions, fashion walks, music ceremonies and art displays. The city is comfortable and rich in activities.

Flights to London

It is not difficult to reach London because it has five big airports London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton, London City and London Heathrow. The London airport is the busiest one and stays crowded with the passengers. All the larger airlines of the world land here and enjoy the facilities of the airport. Booking directly online from the Stanshed airport or Gatwick airport can help in travel to London cheap. Shopping can be started after getting into the city because the airports have many restaurants and shopping stores in it.

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