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The capital of Italy has a huge treasure of ancient monuments which are highly admired around the world. After reaching the city the smell of baked bread, vinegar, olive oils and the amazing pizza recipes enchant the visitor and increases the hunger while having a trip. Every place in the Roman area is filled with creativity, art and beauty. Many natives of the place provide the travel to Rome tips to guide the people about utilizing their time in the beautiful place. This city got the popularity for the architecture, museums, palaces, amusement places, towers and gardens filled with romance and elegance.

Romans have preserved their ancient assets which are famous all around the world. They groomed and kept them in a way that they catch all the interest of the visitors.

Colosseum is a huge structure and sample of the old historical construction and is one of the world’s largest architectural plans. It took almost ten years for the entire completion and is remarkably beautiful. More than 50,000 people can sit here and it was used as the venue for the games and fights involving beasts like lion and gladiators. The Sistine chapel is the religious place in the apostolic palace and is highly sacred among the natives. Its roof and walls are adorned with huge murals and the interior is the amazing example of the roman art.

The Piazza Navona is the city square and the main centre where the games were played in the ancient times. The roman used to gather here for the games and other activities. The elevator of the wedding cake building can be used that is actually the National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II. It can provide the panoramic over view of the entire city. The San Giovanni di Laterano is the first church that was constructed in the world. It is the religious monument and is a scared place which is respected by the natives. The city has many amazing and interesting things about it. Before visit it is better to learn about the city to explore it in a better way.

In the fourth century a trevi fountain was built. It is a very beautiful sculpture that shows the Neptune god with his horses representing the water functions and moods. Millions of people visit here and throw coins in the water to make a wish and they believe that it will be fulfilled. However the coins are collected every night and sent to the charity to help the needy people. There are many things that the Roman city offers to its visitors and they fill their heart with its love.


The annual events, historical monuments, romantic experiences, Italian and roman cuisines, all night drinking and party attracts the people from all over the world. There are a lot of things to do in Rome for every visitor.

Rome Accommodation

The accommodation can be pre arranged but there is also an option to get a place after reaching. The star hotels Metro pole is the hotel chain providing the typical Italian flavor in different parts of the world. These are the four star hotels and have all the facilities in them. The interior of the hotel is very elegant and the rooms are very comfortable. The dining room of the hotel gives a huge range of Italian cuisines to its visitors. It is also best for organizing the business meetings and conferences.

The Palazzo Navona Hotel is also a luxury place that has undying charm for its visitors. The elegant Rome can be seen while being in here because the high quality interior, furniture and upholstery are shared with the guests. As long as they stay in the hotel they enjoy everything at this place. It contains indoor sitting and dining, outdoor dining, terrace, bar, club and gallery having the art pieces of the artists while having the food. Apart from the accommodations there are many road side restaurants, indoor hotels, clubs and bars in the city.

Flights to Rome

Rome can be reached by many ways from all around the world including airplane, train, car and water transport.

The best way to travel to Rome is by ferry or ship because it gives the amazing experience of the cruise life full of party and fun. Many tourists especially organize their water travel to Rome and other places of Italy. Many huge cruise companies offer the complete holiday package in which two or three cities are visited and the marine life is also experienced. They are made of complete luxury living rooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, spa and wellness centers. Many luxury ships also have swimming pools in them. The cities of Italy are interconnected to each other due to that the most reasonable way to reach them is public transport. From the other places there are many companies who provide the packages to travel to Rome cheap along with accommodation and monuments visits.


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