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The wonderful beauty of the Bavarian capital can be experienced completely through the southern Germany. It is the best place for the beer lovers because the city is the fantastical combination of technology, industry and luxurious lifestyle. The travel to Munich can be more interesting if the partner is interested in exploring the city. Munich is rich in the economy, innovation, athletes and sports. The Olympian park is the main memory of the Olympics games held in the Munich when the Germany was chosen as the host. It is now the centre of many sports and a huge skating ground that also provides the services of teaching different sports.

The traditional culture of Bavaria is very interesting and modern. There are many palaces because more than 750 years it was ruled by the Kings. The lifestyles and architecture of Munich are prominently seen in the Travel to Munich tips. A very big part of ancient Munich was destroyed during the World War II that was later repaired with the wonderful planning. Many parts are reconstructed perfectly to preserve the old history of the city

There are many sights and buildings should be visited. Frauenkirche is the building of the catholic where different sermons are held. It has no exclusive adornments where as the whole building is the true example of gothic architecture. The most controversial thing in the church is the Devil foot step that is a black colored foot print on one of the symmetrical floor tile design. Another amazing building is the Deutsches museum that is the combination of science and technology. Huge exhibitions are held in the building that provides information and knowledge to the visitors.

The Oktoberfest is organized each year for sixteen days. This largest funfair gathers people from all over the world in Munich. It goes on from the September to October. The original Munich event is celebrated in different cities of the world as well and it is known as the Oktoberfest celebrations. It is celebrated with great adornments and preparations. The amusement rides, games, food courts and drinks are arranged that contains the flavours from all around the world. It also has the shopping stalls and other shopping arrangements. It is celebrated all over the city and is reachable from everywhere.


However, almost every place is close to each other and many of the places can be visited while having a walk. There are many public transports also available in the city including the trams, trains and buses. The government facilities are excellent services to travel in the cities. The splendor of the city can be viewed while having the normal tours and the city guides.

Munich Accommodation

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munchen is the luxurious place that is filled with every kind of facilities. The interior and the facilities are modern and a glance of latest technology can be seen in every place. The huge building comprises with the restaurants, bars and huge event halls that can be used for conference. It represents the luxuries of the city and is the perfect representative of the high quality life of Munich. The high tech industry of the city demands the exclusive luxuries for everyone and even the natives have the corporate lifestyles.

Marc Munich is totally a corporate and elegantly designed building for business community. It is famous for its serenity and comfort. The people who visit here never go for anywhere else. They highly recommend this place and most of the business community stays here. They can not only conduct their conferences here but also manage their activities in the city. The professionals can get the chance to manage their indoor activities. The most special thing is that the hotel keeps almost 80 rooms in the brand new form. The interior is changed after very little span of time. Lobby, gallery and terrace are well adorned to provide the sitting area to the guests where they can enjoy snacks and beverages.

The Hotel an der Oper is the best hotel on the most prime location in Munich. It is very beautiful and the lobbies, corridors and interior are delightfully decorated. The food is served in the rooms at the separate dining available. However, the guests can also enjoy the finest dining of the hotel outdoor. There are different bakery, drinking and snacks options which can also be served anywhere. The hotel is equipped with many luxurious facilities.

Flights to Munich

Munich Airport is a huge place where a wide number of international and domestic flights stay available. Every type of facility is there due to that it is crowned as the best airport in Europe. It ranks among the top five airports in the world. Many air companies offer packages to travel to Munich cheap. However, every airport and place stay crowded with the visitors during the events.


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