Frauenkirche – Munich


Munich has many historical monuments among which the unique one is the cathedral f the Archdiocese in the Bavarian city. It is known as Frauenkirche and is a huge landmark of the capital city. It is located at Frauenplatz 12, 80331 Munchen, Germany.

The Frauenkirche opening hours are from 7:00 am to 7:00pm. It is better to visit the place early because it becomes crowded with the people for prayer. This is among the beautiful gothic architectures of the Bavarian city. The tower opens from May to October. Frauenkirche admission of tower timing is from 10 am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday. The Frauenkirche entrance fee is 2 Euro.

This spectacular monument was planned by the Duke Sigismund in 1468. It was very small and later on the red brick building was changed into the splendid church that is seen now a days. It is said that when the architect was constructing the church he asked the Devil for the help in the construction and in the return he would not see the window from inside the church. When the church was completed the devil saw the light coming inside the church and he suddenly hit his foot on the floor in rage due to that the foot print became a mark kept in the church.

The Devil foot print is located in the church. The large gothic building is amazingly beautiful and the high towers can be climbed to take a view from the top. This building became more famous around the world due to the devil foot print and many tourists come here to see it by themselves. Another story associated with the foot print is that the architect tried to confuse the Devil from coming inside and the foot print was a mark to recognize the entrance areas for the devil but he failed because when the devil came he failed to find the tile having the foot print.

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