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The beautiful architecture and the romance in the air are the first things that appear when people visit Venice. It is a group of islands which are so close to each other or can be said that the city has a lot of canals in it. These islands are connected to each other with different types of bridges and make the appearance of architecture and city very dramatic. The best way to travel to Venice is by cruise because it comprises with a lot of water bodies. Usually the city is over crowded with tourists in summer season when the canal water cause odor where as during the January to October time the flood occurs in the streets and the roads mostly remain filled with water.

This is the place with the most unique appearance and the landscapes due to the art and architecture. The complete city is filled with creativity. It is better to plan travel to Venice in the mid season from June to November when there is annual carnival going on. It is the time when the water remains in limit and the complete celebration can be enjoyed. Every year the largest crowd moves toward Venice in these days. There are many guides that provide the travel to Venice tips where the exact time can be finalized to move to Venice. Whole city is filled with arts and architecture due to that nobody can resist the internal comprising creativity. People belonging from arts field find a lot of inspirations here to enjoy the typical beauty of the city. Everyone can get a lot of things to do in Venice. Couples focus on romance more than anything else where as the children can get the cycling tours and boat experiences.

Surprisingly there is no special vehicle to travel in the Venice except own feet, means the city can be explored perfectly by walking and nobody gets bored even after viewing one place a lot of times. On every walk it seems like the street is visited for the first time. However, there are a lot of places to see in Venice. Academia gallery is a combined gallery and museum that contains the master pieces of many famous personalities. It is also an art school and during the exhibitions several workshops are also organized here. To travel in the city and the nearby places Gondola ride is highly admired. It is the traditional boat that takes the visitors to different places. The rates are fixed for tourists.

The bridge of sighs is the amazing white limestone structure that has windows with stone bars. It adds a beautiful charm in the architecture of the city and makes it more artistic. Venice provides all the beauties and the perfections of a successful trip. All the seasons are celebrated and welcomed in this city. The late springs and early summers open the doors of events among which the Carnevale is highly admired all around the world. However during these times the accommodation and travelling also becomes difficult. Many air companies provide the opportunity to travel to Venice cheap.

Venice being a part of Italy provides the all time availability of Pizza. There are many unique recipes and types of pizza which can be experienced here only. To explore the nightlife of Venice there are many bars like “orange” that provides the complete night celebration to its guests.

Venice Accommodation

For the accommodation there are many exclusive options which are elegant and are perfect for the exploration of the culture of Venice. Palace Bonvecchiati is the contemporary hotel that provides the most exclusive and modern services. People seeking for perfection during their stay can freely select this place. There are many indoor facilities in the hotel including the wellness centre, restaurants, bar, bakery and café. Hotel Danieli is the top most hotels to see the unique and dramatic venice. The roof top sitting can be arranged to have a drink in the night with the illuminated architectures of the city. The sports, swimming and wellness activities are providing in the hotel.

The ancient Venice has a wonderful jewel named Ca’ Bragadin Carabba which is the typical reflection of the Venetian buildings. This is highly admired by the visitors and is the vibrant place for the stay in Venice. It is very luxurious having all kind of eating and drinking options. Other locations of the old Venice are near to it and the complete entertainment can be gathered from the place.

Flights to Venice

The city is accessible from many nearby ports and transportations. Bus service, water taxi and cycling are the main ways to travel in Venice. The water taxi is a fast way to travel between different places and it is very practical one. People having a lot of luggage cannot use the public transportation hence they can hire the water taxi which picks from airport and accesses everywhere.


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