BMW Museum – Munich

Brand and product of BMW is great interest of people all around the world. The franchises of company are located all around the world which grab high range of customers whereas they just display the latest models of cars. The company is famous for presenting the most valuable, attractive and luxurious automobiles. BMW museum Munich is a great display for the automobile lovers. It is constructed in the shape of BMW logo. The museum displays different models of BMW automobiles, motorcycles and engines from the time this company had started. Antique models are also sent to other countries for participation in many other areas. Huge crowd of automobile lovers visit this place to enjoy wonderful experience of the company. Many old models were redesigned and constructed to meet the needs of modern era but they are presented along with their complete product range. Public guided tours are also organized where as at different occasions corporate exhibition of BMW is also organized at Munich. The fascinating brand and products history is narrated to the visitors so they get a better introduction about the quality and standard of BMW. Many facilities are provided to the visitors for more exploration of the place where as wheel chairs are available for the disabled people. Unfortunately some areas are not accessible by wheelchairs, prams and walkers so at this stage some people might get uncomfortable. This is an amazing display of luxury, comfort and the most amazing driving experience of the world. Admirers of BMW are increasing day by day.

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