Residenz – Munich


Residence is the huge and graceful palace of the ancient Bavarian monarchs. This is huge piece of art and the largest palace of Germany. The former royal collections, paintings and adornments are preserved carefully and displayed to show to the general public. This palace is open for general visitors who love to explore the ancient charms of the city. There are 130 rooms and 10 courtyards which are highly embellished with the specimens of ancient art.

This was just a normal castle when constructed but with the passage of time different dukes and monarchs made it a huge palace by reconstruction different areas. The entire areas is not a living place where as there are a lot of gardens, lakes and other beautiful areas in the residenz those worth visiting. A part of the building is the theatre that displays the creations of modern artists. Visitors of this palace enjoy every moment while being here. This is a perfect areas where the ancient art and political ambitions can be seen directly as they are reflected from the style of the palace.

Different events are organized here. Along with a marvelous castle and ancient tourist spot it is a community center sort of place. Several rooms are converted into event halls where different events, Exhibitions and programs are organized. Huge crowds visit and love this place. This is a big inspiration for the people belonging from the creative field. All the roofs and walls are highly adorned with neoclassical paintings and mythological designs. This an eye catching experience.


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