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Amsterdam is a very famous destination especially for those who are looking for a fantastical and lively tour. In 12th century, it was a small fishing village but now it is among the top most popular European destinations. The landscapes, historical monuments, day and night life of Amsterdam are awesome, so it would be a great idea to plan a travel to Amsterdam to experience the famous “Venice of the north”.

amsterdam-669932_640The most amazing things that some tourists said were its serenity and beauty. It is better to reserve an accommodation before reaching Amsterdam.During the peak season, there are huge amounts of travelers visiting Amsterdam, which may end up having troubles in getting a room. The metropolitan area has a number of options including very luxury to normal hotels. A wonderful combination of history, art and modernism can be seen.

Whole city is filled with a huge number of options to visit. They include the amazing historical monuments, cultural centers and parks. The most famous places considered as the identity of Amsterdam are Anne Frank house which is a museum dedicated to a Jewish girl named Anne Frank; Van Gogh Museum is the real piece of art that contains most of the work of painter Van; and Rijksmuseum is the amazing piece of culture, art and history of Amsterdam. It was a wonderful experience of visiting those all places because it will let you know more about the city.

The city is amazing but a tip when traveling in Amsterdam is to stay confident while walking on the roads; especially in the night time because the real tourist appearance can create problems. While travelling in the public transports there are a lot of pick pockets and drug distributors. They sell the drugs on various places. Inside the bars and cafés, light drugs are allowed but they are restricted. If you do not know about the rules, it will be easy to create a big mess.

Amsterdam is a wonderful city that has music in the atmosphere. There were many bars and clubs who celebrate every event and occasion. Party goes on every evening and it is allowed to sit there late at night. Amsterdam is a vivid city and just enjoy yourself there!

amsterdam-991574_640The most convenient way is travel by air whereas train is also available and easily assessable to reach this place. Most of the trains arrive at the Amsterdam central station. If you would like to take private transportation, the followings are some suggestions: Deluxe taxi Amsterdam, Tinker, Easy private taxi, Amsterdam airport taxi service, Amsterdam city taxi.

The visit offers a lot of things to do in Amsterdam. It has every amusement including cultural and historical things, party, relaxation, day life and night life. The travelling is very convenient in whole city through public transport. Usuallynatives recommend the traveling through tram because it reaches every part of the city and nearby places. International bus services are associated to Euro lines that are available at the train station.

At the western part of Netherlands there is an extensive car service that can be availed to travel through all cities. The A1 motorway is the perfect road to reach Amsterdam through car or taxi. Most wonderful and amusing thing to travel to the city is cruise travel. It provides amazing chances to see the read beauty of Amsterdam in a very different way.

Top Amsterdam Attractions

A city combined of around 90 small islands, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands famous with its liberal policies on social issues. Many people would like to come to Amsterdam for its special coffee shop and red light districts. However Amsterdam can show visitors more than that, from elegant European architecture next to the canals to Van Gogh Museum and Ann Frank House. As its name suggested, Van Gogh Museum has collected 700 pieces of arts and 850 letters of Vincent van Gogh. It has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s masterpiece. Ann Frank House is where the author of ‘Ann Frank’s Diary’ hid in Amsterdam for two years from the Nazi. Everyone who visits there would feel the chill and fear that Ann Frank was experiencing back then. Still looking for more attractions? What about bike through tulips farm or head to De Zaan district to see the country’s signature windmill? Traveling to Amsterdam, you will never get bored!

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Anne Frank House in AmsterdamWhile being in Amsterdam there are a lot of historical places located and it is also a centre of the World war from which many memories are kept of that time. The Anne Frank house is among the well preserved historical buildings of the World War II. Although it doesn’t belong to the girl where as it is named because the whole story was narrated by her handwritten diary. Everything according to the diary is preserved and arranged in the museum where the crowds of tourists visit and enjoy the things. This is the most visited museum of Netherlands. It portrays the memory and the management of the frank people survival and hidden area of the house. During the World War the girl died due to typhus where as her diary was kept and later published. The museum is located at the prime location in Amsterdam that is the exact centre and the central station is only 20 minutes far from it. The Trams from the station stop by the museum. It remains closed on 23rd of September on Yom Kippur that is the most important day of the Jews on which they practice various rituals. The routine timings of the museum are usually 9:00am to 7:00 pm and on Saturdays it remains open from 9:00am to 9:00pm. On the peak tourism season it also remains open until 10:00 pm. The activities of the Anne Frank house Amsterdam are explained to the visitors and they get the chance to ask questions about them. Anne frank house tickets are available on the museum booth but the crowd can be avoided by booking the tickets online. Separate entrance can be used where as every visitor holds his own ticket in order to go inside because the tickets are scanned one by one before allowing the entrance. The program in the Museum allows visiting the whole museum without any guide.

Begijnhof Amsterdam

Begijnhof photoBegijnhof is an amazing courtyard that is surrounded by beautiful historical buildings. This is a paradise of serenity and peace. It looks more attractive due to the wooden houses and greenery. Visitors from all around the world visit this place and enjoy the calmness of the place. However they also do it for the religious importance. This is perfect place to view humanity because the history makes this place spectacularly amazing and worth visiting. These were the houses of ancient Beguines who died lastly in 1970s. In the early times those widowed or divorced women used to keep old people and took care of them. Some of them were single and never had any relationship. This trend also emerged later in the community that women used to serve humanity by leaving all their lifestyles. Many Beguins from modern era can be seen now in those houses. Others who want to accept the same thing starts living here among the houses. They are located at the Amsterdam canal ring that is considered to be a beautiful tourist attraction containing a lot of places worth a visit and shopping importance. It is considered as the religious place belonging from the ancient times. Nuns from the ancient times lived at this place. Pilgrim pops used to live here and pray due to that this place became very religious and respectable for the Christians and other communities. Courtyard is very famous because of the beauty and location. It is surrounded by gothic buildings and architectural importance.

Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam

Bloemenmarkt photoAmsterdam is an amazingly beautiful destination that grabs the attention from people around the world. Historical buildings, palaces and gardens are fantastical which can be visited by boats and bicycles. Special tours are arranged to have sightseeing of the city. It is a very beautiful destination which has rich history. One of the main features of the city is canal ring that is the combination of three canals. Bloemenmarkt is a very unique market that floats on the water of the canal side. Some of the shops are made in the form of cabins. This is a fascinating flower market where different florists have shops on the boat. It is a wonderful tourist attraction located between many gardens and has the fragrant atmosphere. Serenity and beauty of this place is dramatically outstanding. Along with them there are gift shops as well. Thousands of different types of flowers are located at the market. Most special thing is the unusual types of plants. Majority of these plants, flowers and seeds are not seen anywhere else in the world. Abundantly found product of the market is tulip bulbs which are grown in multiple types and colors. It is usually filled with lots of people every time who are flower lovers. They keep on exploring. Beside a flower market this place is a romantic spot for couples. There is a range of restaurants, hotels, cafes and eating places in the market. Especially in the evening a fine cup of coffee or cocktail can be enjoyed with the enchanting fragrances that stay in the air of Bloemenmarkt Amsterdam

Canal ring Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal ring photoAmsterdam’s canal ring is truly a business and fashion center that is totally filled with many tourist attractions. This is famous all around the world for its different destinations and tourist attractions. Golden age of Dutch made this a highly adorned easy going location. They planned it entirely according to the business lifestyles and promotion in the city. Almost 90 islands were interconnected by the elaborated network of three canals. The connections of these canals are highly beautiful bridges and connectors. These semi circular networks of canals are a major tourist attraction because it increased the charms of the city. When the network was made, it was created from east to west by connecting different areas to be accessible by boats and yachts. These were the houses of many famous merchants’ residence, trade houses, and warehouses. It was a main center of trade and business which later on became a center of tourism. In the modern time canals are filled with boats throughout the day. Many companies provide the boat trips that stay from location to location to increase the interest and tourist attention. Different tours are organized that not only increases tourism but is also a reason for the business promotion. As compared to the old times Amsterdam business lifestyles are promoted. It is a city of fashion due to that the destination became economically and politically strong. This is a complete piece of cultural and business example which made Amsterdam included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Fascinating city is always an amazing place containing eye catching landscapes and wonderful tourism experiences. Best memories can be acquired in the city of colors, music and charms.

National Maritime Museum Amsterdam

National Maritime Museum3 (300x168)National Maritime museum was the old warehouse for the Amsterdam navy. It was used to store sails, weapons, and other war equipments. In the twentieth century it was converted to the museum where people can see the ancient equipments. This is the perfect preservation of the 500 years old history. Different events and exhibitions are arranged which are especially arranged to spread information and to narrate the history.

This is renovated in the modern way where as the Old Dutch traditions are kept carefully. Among the old things kept in this museum is the ship made by the east India Company from the subcontinent. Special exhibitions are arranged for the children to tell them the tales of the ancient equipments along with their procedures. The museum is located almost at the centre of the city. Different types of transportation are easily available to reach it. There is a library containing a lot of books related to different topics, a multimedia museum where different volumes are kept for the kids to see the documentary.

There is a restaurant in the museum where the visitors can sit and enjoy the refreshment. The building of the museum is reconstructed and contains wooden piles that are sunk deep into the muddy ground. Ships used in the wars are kept carefully and preserved. The maritime museum permanent exhibitions contain ship decorations, navigation instruments, themes and many other things. This is a fantastical place that provides every attraction to the people belonging from every age group. It is located at the ship and has many replicas of different ancient equipments.

Anne Frank House



National Maritime Museum

Oude Kerk


Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum


Oude Kerk Amsterdam

Oude KerkOude Kerk is a very famous location in Amsterdam that not only has the spiritual and religious significance but a famous tourism spot as well. It is the oldest perish church where as later on it changed into the Calvinist church. From the time it was constructed, a number of renovations are done with it. The present condition is a full modified form as it started from just a stone building. Before becoming the Calvinist the church was converted in to Roman Catholic for some time. Major construction of the church is the oak wood where as side panels are mostly painted with multi colors. There are many paintings also hung which belongs from the ancient centuries. They are very close to the ceiling. The church has a major significance. It holds four pipes where as it is constructed on a cemetery. Instead of demolishing the church for the cemetery, people started burying dead bodies in the church. There are more than 10,000 people buried here including popular names. It is famous for the religious and spiritual monument and the historical place as the symbol of religions. This is not only used as the church where as different events are organized here. It is given for the presentations, dinners, ceremonies and other activities due to that it can also be called as the community center. Amsterdam is famous for a lot of unusually and worth visiting places. The church is also an example among them. It is a piece of creativity and art.

Rijkmuseum – Amsterdam

RijkmuseumAs the name shows it is equally important and no visitor miss the Rijkmuseum during their trip to Amsterdam. There are a lot of interesting things offered by Rijkmuseum Amsterdam. Everything of this museum is artistic and beautiful because it has seen many transformations. It is constructed in the Dutch Renaissance style that contains both ancient and modern appearances. The decoration and the interior of the museum contain the artistic work of many ancient artists. Time to time, various exhibitions are arranged in the building to provide the opportunity to the new artists to promote their work. The collections of the Rijkmuseum Amsterdam include antiques, ancient artistic projects, prints, drawings and many classical photography samples. To buy some of the art pieces and different decorative projects Rijkmuseum gift shop have the treasure of arts. The museum remains open from 9am to 5pm everyday but the Rijkmuseum tickets can be acquired until 4:30 pm. The tickets are also available online. Entrance fees are charged for the people of more than 18years of age where as on many other government cards the entrance becomes free. Photography is allowed in the museum but the flash lights and other cameras equipments are prohibited. To reach the museum both public and personal transportation can be used. The trams and busses passes by the route from the station and airport to the museum. They drops at the car parking that is near the super market. The cars are parked at the parking lot and can be driven to the along sides. The exhibitions of the museums are arranged according to the different themes among which many are organized as the platform for the professional artists and photographer. The original pieces of the ancient artists are also showcased.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal palace of Amsterdam was the town hall and state residence in the ancient times. In the present the outside of the building is like traditionally huge and normal where as inside the building is really a castle. People get amazed after getting inside the building. This is an amazingly perfect place that contains many charms and parts of the historical life style. Interior is carefully preserved and everything is kept in its original condition.

After the end of the reign, palace was given under the government authority. This is now used as a royal event location. Adornments and maintenance is done carefully to keep the dignity and charm of this palace alive. In the normal days this palace is opened for general public. People from different countries visit it where as is closed when any of the royal event is going on. Before booking a ticket it is necessary to know about the events schedule and opening timing.

Awards and appreciations ceremonies are organized at this place. The building was constructed in the 17th century so major part is adorned with the art style of that time. It has different rooms which are divided according to the nature and size. When the tourists visit an audio guide is given at the entrance that remains guiding and narrating history of the palace. This is a worth visiting site because it is the perfect reflection of the Amsterdam culture and Roman lifestyle. Both the walking and audio tours are the perfect guide line for the palace.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum in AmsterdamVan Gogh museum hours provide you the real experience of the amazing creations of the Vincent Van Gogh along with various other artists. Initially it was constructed just for the work of Vincent Van Gogh’s creations and collections. Many historical monuments are located in the form of a cluster in Amsterdam. They are so close to each other likewise; Van Gogh museum is located near a couple of other places. The contemporary work of Van Gogh is mostly related to his personal life like the things he always wished and faced during different periods. The pains, loses and happiness can be seen in the art work. The Museum construction is done in a very modern way along with the layout of the interior. The treasure of the Van Gogh art work cannot be seen anywhere else in the work. It is so unique and breathtaking that it is a must for the visitors to see the museum at least once during their visit to Amsterdam. Several things among the collection and the replicas are available at the Van Gogh Museum shop that lets the visitors keep the memory of their favourite items in the collection. There are many other works from the 19th century displayed here. It remains open daily from morning 9:00 am to evening 6:00 pm. His drawings and letters have several very important things which he highlighted in his texts. They were very near to his personal life. You can get the Van Gogh museum tickets online and from the Museum where as the prices of the tickets vary according to the tourism schedule and the exhibitions organized in the building. The creations and story of the artist is told in many other museums as well and sometimes when the very exclusive exhibitions are organized, the paintings are taken to those places as well.

ZaansesSchans Amsterdam

Zaan River is located at the north of Zaandan Netherlands. Basically it is famous due to its amazing architecture among which the most prominent one is the windmills. This place is the oldest industrial area where the windmills are still working and craftsman workshops can be visited. This is not a very crowded place and in the off tourism season remains almost empty.

ZaanseSchans is a typical Dutch village which is keeping its culture and lifestyle from the 19th century. For the tourism purpose this place is best to visit by foot where as the cycling or bike tours can also be done. The entire area can be enjoyed by cycle that can take the fantastical view from pretty country side, museums, wooden houses and station. The windmills are a very amazing experience and all of them are used for different purposes. There are narrow stair cases to reach the roof top of the wind mill.

There are different restaurant and food stores to facilitate people with everything they need. A huge variety of crafts are made here which are exported as well. They include utensils, oils, consumer products and even jewelry. There are many shops also located at the local area where the things are sold which are manufactured here. This is the oldest industrial area and there are many museums also located here. Many ancient collections are displayed in those museums related to the production, culture and life style.

Amsterdam Accommodation

There are many luxurious hotels and resorts to stay in the city. Being one of the most attractive tourism destinations, there are a number of reliable accommodations in Amsterdam. The hotel ranges from cheap to expensive rates. It can be selected according to the budget and requirements. Mostly hotels are available at low rates but their charges increase in the peak tourism season.

Flights to Amsterdam

Cheap flights from…to Amsterdam

Flights from all over the world are available for Amsterdam. There are a number of online sites which provide the best charges for tour. It only requires the detail of departure, arrival and time to spend there or there are some specific charges like: Boston to Amsterdam on Turkish airline charges $591 – Barcelona to Amsterdam on Vueling Airlines charge $94 – London to Amsterdam on Garuda Indonesia charges $153 – Madrid to Amsterdam on KLM charge $121

Their prices may vary according to the season of travelling and direct or indirect flights.


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