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Berlin is the most significant city in Germany because of being its capital and one of the 16 German states. It is the largest city and has the second largest population in the country. The metropolitan region is situated near the river spree. The city is an amazing portrait containing forests, gardens, parks, lakes and rivers. They all combine to present fantastical landscapes to its visitors while they visit Berlin.

Berlin is developed and well known due to the cultural, political, science and media advancements. The high tech films are produced here along with the beautiful scenes of nature. It is filled with maximum facilities of air, rail and public transportation. Many travelling agencies offer some day’s trip to travel to Berlin cheap by hiring them for the complete trip. The industrial sector contains major areas of pharmaceuticals, biomedical. Clean tech, engineering, construction, electronics and biotechnology where the development and innovation can easily be seen.

That does not mean it has only technology and robots everywhere, another significance of the city is its huge tourist circle due to the festivals, night life, contemporary art and architecture, amazing destinations and high quality of lifestyles.

After reaching Berlin the most special thing is the amazing combination of nature and technology that can be seen everywhere. Around 350 destinations in Europe can be accessed from here. Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof is the bus terminal where the long distance bus is available to travel to various places. Before planning the trip to Berlin a good map can help a lot along with some knowledge about the city because the lack of directional signs can confuse a visitor.

The roads and routes are also confusing because the signs only indicate the boroughs and districts instead of giving the compass directions. The cyclists enjoy here more because different districts and boroughs are so close to each other that more fun can be availed. Huge crowds of cyclists can be seen while taking tour of the city. Tourist’s information office of Berlin plays an important role in providing the biggest benefits to the visitors to enjoy the trip more. They provide Berlin tips to go around and visit every place without missing anything.

There are many places to visit like Berlin Wall/ east side gallery. It is a beautiful wall that is a master piece made up of around 105 paintings. It is also remarked as the international memorial of freedom. Another piece of art is the Jewish Museum which can better reflect the use of space during art. It is constructed in the shape of zig zag. Its attraction is the permanent exhibition placed here for visitors where as many other exhibitions are organized time to time. The Reichstag is the beautiful building that increases the appearance beauty of the city especially in the night.

The fantastical culture of celebrating the events can be seen here. During December the New Year ’s Eve and Christmas is celebrated with great charms. Colors of Christmas spread all around. Christmas markets are organized everywhere. Christmas market at Brohan museum is the biggest display of art and crafts. It contains handicrafts, art and other products for sale. A lot of artists and artisans participate to collect appreciation from the visitors. The bus service and trams, trains and underground public transportation is available to move around different places conveniently.

Berlin Accommodation

The hotels and building are adorned to welcome the blessings and prosperity for the coming year. There are many options of hotels available for accommodation during the trip. Hotel Eurostars Berlin is a very luxurious place and best for the business community. It is close to the city centre and the retail market. Hilton Berlin is also a very huge building for accommodation. The suites are very sunny and comfortable due to that visitors enjoy here so much. They all are the luxury hotels and provide the best services to its customers.

Radisson blu hotel Berlin is the name many people heard before because it is a hotel and resorts chain in many countries. It is also a very luxurious place filled with complete facilities. However it is highly recommended to consult the official website because during the occasions many hotels provide packages and discounts on their services.

Flights to Berlin

After landing at the Tegel international Airport that is situated at the north west of the city, the major thing is the luxurious surroundings. Flights from all over the world are welcomed here like British airways, United, Air France, Lufthansa and Air Berlin. The last two are used for the domestic flights. The airport is designed in a hexagonal shape and has all major facilities including the travel to Berlin cheap by providing discounts in the tickets. The bus service operated by the airport remains available in standard charges which accesses every place in Berlin where as near it is the Tegel railway. Never take the train because it is connected to the suburban Tegel village not the airport. Airport is on walking distance from there. The buses from airport go to two nearby stations called Jakob Kaiser Platz and Kurt Schumacher Platz which maximum takes 10 minutes to reach.

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