Olympic Stadium of Munich – Munich


Olympic stadium of Munich is a huge place where a wide range of football matches are organized. This was used for the world cup as well and once for Olympics. Almost 80,000 people can get in this stadium. Almost more than half seating is covered with a thick tent that appears like a roof of the stadium. Central portion is open to the sky. To make the tent like structure on the roof of the stadium canopies of the acrylic glass and steel frames are used.

During the Second World War the stadium faced bombing where as the construction plan saved it from destruction. Along with a very famous sports venue, the stadium is also a major place for different concerts and music nights. Michael Jackson, Diana ross, Bon Jovi, nickel black, Madonna and many other famous names performed here for the huge audience. This is an amazing place to visit especially when an event is going on to see the crowd and the life of the stadium.

It has also emerged in many movies which were considered as the super hits of their times. During the FiFa world cup and UEFA Euro top teams from all around the world participated in the matches organized in this stadium. The membrane construction makes it more outstanding and very unique place to visit. From far and in the images the membrane looks something like a net fallen or held with the steel but actually this is properly constructed with acrylic and steel rods.


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