Munich Points Of Interest

Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest, but Munich has a lot more to see than this annual big event. As one of the most international cities in Germany, there are a good amount of people speaking English, makes it easier to travel.

In Munich, the Third Reich Tour gives tourist a chance to learn more about German History and the Nazi Movement in Germany. The first concentration camp, Dachau Concentration Camp, is preserved as a memorial and preserved for tour.

Munich is also home for German museums.The BMW Museum is a definite for car lovers, exhibiting cars and motorcycles from the beginning of the company history.The Bayeresches National Museum (Bavarian National Museum) exhibits Gothic and Renaissance art.

In 1972, Munich is the host of the summer Olympic Games. The Olympic Park is open for tour now. The Allianz Football Stadium is also in Munich, where the World Cup is held. During the season, there are chances to watch a game inside the stadium.


Top Munich attractions that you shall visit

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