St. Mark’s Basilica – Venice


St. Mark’s Basilica is the spectacular place that is the perfect example of the Italo byzantine architecture. It is basically a roman catholic church which contains a significant religious and spiritual importance. It is located in the Italian city Venice and totally compliments the beauty of the city. Opulent church is adorned with classical Venetian style mosaic having gold ground. This makes it look like a jewel and increases the beauty and charms of the place. This building existed from the eleventh century and emerged as the mark of the Wealth and power of Venetian life.

Exterior of the church is entirely byzantine styled ancient construction where as the real dazzles can be seen inside in the form of adornment. The walls of the church are decorated with beautiful paintings and mosaics containing gold classical background. Domes and turrets are all made of gold that keep on sparkling every time and are extremely eye catching. Entrance of the church is highly artistic that contains four horses which were imported from Istanbul. This is an incredibly beautiful building that worth visiting.

This Basilica usually emerges in the examples of the catholic community as this is a really opulent and spectacular element for their religious impacts. In the ancient times Venetian thought that this is the final rest place of an Angel. This place is very easy to find among the other buildings of the city because of its uniqueness. It is very easily accessible from different parts of the city because it is located near the major transportation ways.


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