Rialto Market – Venice


Among the most wonderful locations of the Venice is the Rialto Bridge. This is the main crossing of the river serene. This is also an ancient historical monument where a huge crowd of tourists visits. Rialto market is a very famous and all the time admired place for the tourists. They love roaming around because this is very nice and pleasant experience. Basically it is the food market that has huge variety of seas foods, organic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.

The biggest thing is that on which all the priorities depends is the freshness of all the foods. This is an ancient market that is made by the local vendors who get the stalls for selling their good. Many are the fishermen who catch fresh sea food and bring here to sell. Every type of seafood is available here and the buyers can get a variety of foods from this market. Mediterranean Sea food is always on demand where as the tourists who cannot buy and stock the food can get freshly cooked recipes as well.

The market contains many restaurants and food places where they sit and enjoy the traditional and international cuisines. This is the historical market that is amazingly influenced with the culture of the city. The huge bridge having ferries and cruise under it in the water also there are many gondola seen where people enjoy the landscape of bridge. This is the source of inspiration for many artists because the Rialto market is the portrait of traditional Venetian market.


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