Doge’s Palace – Venice

Venice is equipped with an ample of artistic attractions and spectacular architecture. Many Gothic styled buildings adorn the location which belongs to ancient times. Veteran style is the amazing charm for the tourist traveling to Italy. The typical art and style of the city can never be found anywhere else in the world. Doge of Venice is like a monarch who controls all the formalities on government level. This is a beautiful Gothic structure and is the most popular building of the city. There are many tourist attractions near the palace. At the back side of this place basilica of San Marco is located. Every transport is easily available and is very accessible for everyone due to that huge crowd of tourists visit this palace. Exterior and interior of the building are designed in the classical vintage style. Outer fountain and courtyard are spectacularly adorned with water pond and fountains. Inside the senate hall, higher council hall and stair cases are extremely beautiful. The giant stair cases are in golden color and entire walls are adorned with mythical paintings. The borders are inspired by art Nouveau and make the appearance more attractive. There are prisons also located in the castle that completes the appearance of the castle. Gothic beauty is the main portrait of the culture of the romantic Venice. This is entirely decorated as the classical style of the city. It is a worth visiting site. Splendor of the perfection in the Venetian style and authority can be estimated by this place and it’s spectacular charms.

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