Bridge of Sighs – Venice

While having the gondola ride the white lime constructed bridge comes in the way that catches all the attention. It makes the environment romantic with its appearance and is counted among the wonderful monuments of Venice. This is well known all around the world. Bridge of sigh tours are especially organized in different ways to make the visitors enjoy it more. During the tour different places are also visited along with the bridge. Some gondola hiring places also provide a guide who tells the bridge of sighs facts. There are many stories about the history of the bridge. The bridge is very beautiful that totally compliments the beauty of the city. The white bridge can be seen from far it has windows and steel bars that make it appear like the carved artificial body placed between the walls of the buildings. The real Bridge of sigh legends has disappeared but there are two stories associated with it. During the Serenissima’s time the prisoners passed from the bridge before the time of their imprisonment that is why it was named as the bridge of sighs because this was the last view they had seen in Venice. Another thing associated with the bridge is the romantic location because when a couple in gondola passes under the bridge and romantically kisses each other. The influencing effect of the environment is called as the bridge of sighs. In the present time the monument is known as the mark of romance and beauty. It has become a love sign and the elegance of white material makes it more eye catching.

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