Accademia Gallery – Venice

The city of romance is filled with wonderful buildings and beautiful landscapes. In fact Venice is the most dramatically romantic place in the world. This city is filled with many hotels, restaurants, beautiful landscapes, and historical buildings. When it comes to romance the name of art and music automatically arises in the mind. Venice is the perfect place for the artists because they can get a lot of inspirations for work. Among many historical buildings the Accademia gallery is also well known. It is more like a fine arts learning center that contains a huge display of the work of many ancient artists. The Accademia gallery history is rich in the field of arts and creativity. There are many ancient things preserved very well and kept in their original condition to give the wonderful experience to the visitors. It has many designs, prints, paintings, sculptures and handwritten scripts of artists and famous personalities. There is a library, an auditorium and the display centre where the latest work of modern artists is also displayed. The Accademia art Gallery opening hours are at 8:15 am to 7:15 pm from Tuesday to Sunday where as on Monday the gallery closes at 2:00pm. The gallery remains closed on 25th December and 1 May. The ticket prices are around 16 Euros where as in several conditions the entrance fee is reduced especially if the reservation is done for more people. The special art exhibitions change the time of the gallery because of the event. Accademia art gallery ticket prices also vary accordingly. Many workshops are organized and the member ship is also offered for the people who want to join the gallery and to stay updated for its events. Emerging artists can also contact to participate in the events going in the gallery. They can get the platform to introduce themselves on a very higher level.

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