Murano Island – Venice


People who visited Murano island are a fond of this place. They get deeply in love with the island due to its construction and amazing beauty. It is a group of island located together and they all are connected to each other by bridges and connectors. This is the most attractive thing about this place. When the cost boat trip is planned, it moves to other islands by water and the starting can be felt by just watching the attractive romantic bridges which have enchanting charms and attractive columns to pass through.

In the entire Venice this area is well known for glass making. This is a huge industry of glass work. From the 12th century glass industry started and took over the entire market due to spectacular work. The people working in glass industry were well treated and got privilege in every way. Later on they were condemned by the rich society and forced to leave the city. When the boom again started the glass work earned more popularity than that time.

There is a variety of glass produced in Murano island that is of very high quality. They can widely be seen in the finest construction, wine stoppers, high quality crockery, chandlers and other crystal products. There is an amazing glass museum in Murano that preserved the memory of old glass makers and historians of glass industry. It also displayed the specimen from the ancient glad creations. This is not only a tourism attraction but a huge business and glass trade place.

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