St. Mark’s Square – Venice


St. Mark’s Square is the most significant place of the city. It reflects the perfect combination of social, political and cultural life style of Venice. It is the ancient place where as located in the front of St. Mark’s basilica. At that time it was a part of Doge’s palace that is considered as the residence of different monarchs. This is separated by a canal passing between them. This was the place of the Venetian gatherings due to that it was separated just to increase the space and accommodate more people.

This is a huge square where different merchants have their stalls to sell their goods. There is an amazing roman catholic church that is well known for its spectacular construction and interior. This is a well known and important place that contains a wide circle of visitors who always admire this area. There is a bell tower for the basilica that is considered as the important landmark. Huge circle of tourists stay present here for shopping, entertainment and other purposes.

There are a lot of things to do at this area. It is an important part of the city. The most charming experience of the Venetian St. Mark’s square is the pigeons. There is a huge group of pigeons which stays here every time and tourists used to feed them. The place remains filled with pigeons that caused many serious problems at the location. To eradicate this issue government banned feeding these birds so they could fly somewhere else.


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