Burano Island – Venice

Venice is basically a group of small islets which are interconnected with each other that is why the major way of transportation is boat. Water taxis, water buses and other transportation are easily available to explore different sides of Venice. Bridges and connectors of the spectacular city canals make the streams and surroundings more wonderful and romantic. Burano island is a very charming and funky place filled with lot of colors. The buildings are extremely colorful and highly adorned. The unique color schemes are the main power of the island. Many big artists belong to this island. This place stands among the ten most colorful places of the world. All the buildings are colored in bright color schemes and due to the canal passing from the middle, it becomes more dramatic and looks like an imitation. Different international magazines had presented this place among the most color full place where as it is highly recommended for the trips. The place has an enchanting serenity. Women usually rely on making laces and pillows. They are seen laughing on main squares. Green water channels make the surroundings extraordinary and have boats floating on the water. Multicolored flowers are seen on the balconies and fishermen keep on working all the day. It is like a composition painted by an expert artist when the children are seen roaming on bicycles and playing darts. The laughter’s increases the mesmerizing surroundings charm more. Ferry or boat can be occupied to have a tour of the entire city.

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