Trevi Fountain – Rome


Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in the city of Rome. It is the amazing construction of sixteenth century. It is said that the Fountain was a memorial of a girl who served water to the soldiers during 19 BC. It is a compete sculpture that shows its complete pride and beauty to the Roman city. This is a famous and important land mark of the city. It is an important artistic creation for the Rome. This is a huge sculpture that contains different human figures and horses.

The fountain actually provides the image of the ocean that flows to the earth and some figures of the gods. This is no doubt and amazing creation that the people love to spend the time over here. It is located at the square from where different places are near for shopping and fun. Some of them are the restaurants and hotels where the visitors can also stay. There are a lot of concepts associated with it.

People throw a coin in the fountain because it is said that whoever throws a coin in it with a special gesture will definitely return to Rome. Another concept says that everyone should throw three coins because one will assure the returning to the city, other will assure the romance and third one will lead to marriage. This concept has now become a ritual as so many people throw coins. These coins are collected in the night and donated to the market for poor people where free food is served to them.


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