Roman Forum – Rome


Roman Forum is the ruins basically which belongs to Rome. Some of them are the government buildings and other is the market place. In the ancient days this was one of the main squares of the city where there were main buildings and markets. Among them there is a rectangular building that has the political importance in the ancient times. This is basically the roman forum. This area had political importance because major decisions regarding different affairs were taken here including the government speeches, trials, gladiatorial matches, nuclear discussions and many other affairs.

The exact location is between the palatine hills and Capitoline hills. Special tours are organized to visit the ruins of palatine hills, roman forum and coliseum. The entire area is filled with many monuments which are the most ancient ones in the entire roman history. Many shrines, temples, royal residence and many other social and political places located at the place. This is the landmark of roman art and history. Various sculptures of ancient well known personalities are also seen here. It was the center of administration so it also acquires a strong importance around the world.

Transportation is easily available to access it where as there are different hotels also near it. Many apartments and accommodations are also easily available from where the ruins are near. The surroundings are opened where as the forum is not publically open for everyone. It is opened for the specific days when people can have permission to attend. In the ordinary days this place remains closed.


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