Vatican City & Vatican Museum – Rome


Vatican City is a small state that is located on a very small area. This is an independent site which contains many impressive art works and beautiful historical constructions. It is located at the bank of Tiber River and is considered as the only independent state in the world. This location is spectacularly attractive due to that a huge crowd of tourists come here to visit. It is equipped with every kind of facility and latest organizations.

This is a well developed place containing information services, telephone station, television service center and a lot more. Media of the Vatican City is also developed and works very well. There are a lot of interesting places and monuments in the city which are worth visiting. Among the places most famous are the Vatican museums. This is a huge building of gothic style. Entire interior is neo classical and adorned in the typical renaissance style. Mosaics on walls and roof have golden base. It is a very luxurious, flawless and amazing place to see.

There are many specimens of art kept here for the display and to pass the history to the coming generations. Museum is divided into different parts according to the nature and association of the art. It contains a huge art work from the ancient times and done by the ancient artists. The display contains paintings, sculptures and collections of popes. There are also some monuments capture here that contains Sistine chapel, Raphael rooms, loggia and a lot of others.


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