Rome Points Of Interest

Rome is like an open-air museum. The city is so vivid and interesting that even a week will not be enough to see the best out of it.

For history lovers, no one can skip the visit of the Roman Forum that shows visitors remains from the Roman history. Even though it’s slightly more expensive, a guided tour is recommended to get to know what it was like during the Roman Empire.

It is impossible not to visit Vatican to visit Rome. Climb up the magnificent St Peter’s Cathedral, the amazing view of Rome is just under your eye.

Coliseum is the largest amphitheatre ever builds in antiquity. Many world-known singers had held huge concerts to make good use of the premise.

Rome is Italy’s capital, but it is not expensive to travel. Even if you are staying there for a week, you will still find excitements and fun!


Top Rome attractions that you shall visit

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