Castel Sant’Angelo – Rome

Rome is entirely filled with many tourist attractions among which maximum are pieces of art. Almost all the places are adorned with sculptures. There are many historical monuments and religious sites in the entire city. Castel Sant’Angelo was considered as the tallest building in Rome during the ancient times. It is a mausoleum constructed by Hadrian for himself and his family. They all are buried here. It is a very beautiful building in cylindrical shape which contains angel sculpture as adornment and due to that it was named as Castel Sant’Angelo (castle of holy angel). It was later used by the popes who kept it as their castle and fortress for a long time. With the passage of time it changed into museum. During the ancient times it was attached by military to make it military fortress due to that maximum original adornments were destructed. Many of the original art pieces were lost where as the remaining were preserved to keep as the historical memory. This castle was converted into museum and is an amazingly beautiful building that stands among the major tourist attractions. Building is illuminated in the night and becomes more eye-catching. The sculpture of the angel is made by famous artist Rafaello where as many other artists also contributed in this beautiful place. The building is visible from the other side of the river which enhances its charms and makes this place worth visiting. New name given in 1901 to the building is museo nazionale di castel Sant’Angelo.

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