Sistine Chapel – Rome


Sistine chapel is not only the sacred and religious monument whereas carries the crown of a very beautiful interior. It is an ordinary rectangular building where as the huge murals on the roof and wall makes it special. The exotic paintings contain the complete formation of the human and his associations, along with the final judgment of human if watched carefully. Like the other roman construction this place is not adorned with sculptures of anything from the outer side. From the exterior it appears like an ordinary historical building where as the diversity can be felt after getting inside.

This place has the religious importance and the natives respect this place a lot. They never allow any misbehavior and take serious action if anyone forbids the place or try to exploit it. Sistine chapel dress code is given to prevent the tourists wearing shorts or swim suits enter the sacred place.

Dress code is necessary to enter the beautiful Sistine chapel. Only appropriate clothing is allowed to go inside and sleeveless, blouses, miniskirts, shorts or hats are not allowed in any case. Sistine chapel tickets are available from 9am to 4pm and the office closes after 4:00 pm. The Sistine chapel tour includes the visit of Vatican museum as well. Several areas of the museum remains closed where as they are opened on request in other cases they are opened for public on different occasions.

The tickets of Sistine chapel are valid for the whole day on which they are purchased. Tickets are non refundable and prices are from 4 Euros to 16 Euros.

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