Piazza Navona – Rome


The city square of Rome looks very beautiful and it becomes breathtaking when it is adorned during the Christmas days. Piazza Navona Christmas market is famous all around the world and many people visit here in their Christmas holidays just to see the hustle bustle and splendor of the market adornment. It is organized from the last one hundred years on the same location and with the same charms and amusement. The best time to see the market is the sunset time because the original illumination of Christmas starts after it.

The spectacular fountain of the rivers also adorned whereas it still stays the center of the market. There are stalls of different types including Christmas adornment, routine house hold items, clothing, accessories, food items and many other things. Big discounts are offered on many things which provide the lowest rates to let everyone enjoy the Christmas. Piazza Navona facts have the market on the top. The square is basically the stadium built for events and celebrations and it is larger than the Colosseum. It is also a fantastical monument of Roman history.

Piazza Navona history is rich in the art and architecture because every inch is designed and made with great attention. The fountain of the four rivers have four different statues connected to each other representing the four rivers Nile, Ganges, Danube and Rio de la plata. This place can welcome more than thirty thousand people hence during the Christmas celebration it never gets over crowded. The great Navona square is among the best examples of the roman art and architecture history.

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