Colosseum – Rome

The massive amphitheater of Romans was constructed in A.D. 70 – 72 as the main stadium to view the gladiatorial combats and animal fights. The rich Colosseum history has many events that were organized on the government level. It was gifted by the Flavian dynasty Emperor named Vespasian. Hundreds of games were played in this arena at that time and even the serious fights were also organized. It has the space for 50,000 people and there are 80 entrances to get into the stadium. With the passage of time and the poor maintenance the two third part of the Colosseum got destroyed. It happened due to the continuous Colosseum tours from the people of all around the world. This place becomes very beautiful in the night time because the whole theater is illuminated with golden lights and in the darkness of the night it looks like a piece of jewel. Colosseum opening hours are 8:30 am to 6:15 pm. The exact location of the monument is Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184, Roma, Italy. Public transportation is available to reach the place. Entrance charges are from 7.50 Euro to 12 Euro. Colosseum tickets are valid for two days in case of pre booking. There are many Colosseum facts that increase the influence of the Roman arts and architecture. During the late centuries 500,000 people and millions of animals lost their lives in the battles and fights organized in the amphitheater. The festivals and games were frequently occurred throughout the year. Many slaves of different battles were also fed to the animals in the arena. Beasts like lions and bulls were specially kept hungry in huge cages so that they fight more violently. Many prizes and conditions were placed on the winning and losing of the fights. In the modern world many battles and fighting games are designed in the Colosseum.

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