Tibidabo – Barcelona


Tibidabo is the tallest mountain of its area due to that it attracts a lot of tourists. There are a lot of things to do at this place. It is located at the coast line and provides spectacular views of the city. The telecommunication tower is also near to the location. Best thing is the church located on the top of the mountain. This is an ancient basilica and constructed in the form of a beautiful sculpture. It is the exact top of the mountain. The church was constructed in sixty years.

People visit it due to the religious and spiritual importance. However this place is also an important part of the history. There is an amusement park near the church which was regarded as the important attraction. A number of rides were constructed here among which the red colored aero plane is the most famous one. It stands among the oldest amusement parks which are still operating.   With the passage of time cable car is also provided from the mountain to other areas.

A special train is operated to access this mountain. The station is also near to the location. Mountain provides an amazing panoramic view of the city. Tibidabo is one of its kinds and this is the reason it grabs huge tourism to Barcelona. There is a cafeteria and restaurant at the park where light snacks and drinks are served. This area is located on the peak of mountain so it is better to wear warm clothes when cold weather is expected.


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