Magic Fountain of Montjuïc – Barcelona


Magic fountain of Montjuic is a spectacular piece of creativity. There is a combination of lights and water. Multicolored lights are used to illuminate water, light, water motion, and music. The magic fountain is a real magic because music and lights work with water acrobatics. While being in Barcelona this is a must see attraction because it created enchanting magic. It was basically designed by Carles Buigas who worked on it very ambitiously.

He gave this idea for the exhibition held in Barcelona. Project involved 3000 workers who completed it in less than one year. Timings of the fountain change according to the season and activities. Occasionally special events are celebrated at the fountain which involves amazing arrangements. They are especially organized to keep the wonderful piece of creativity active. However on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the fountain remains closed entire year. This is a fantastical kind of attraction that stays alive during the entire year.

The amazement of charms stays alive when the tourists crowd come to see. During the performance of fountain, music of different movie and genres are played with illumination and water. Different sequences are organized that make it more special and causes a variety of charms. Every kind of transportation is available at the location so it is easily accessible. This is an amazing piece of creativity that enhances the charms of the city. On special events people from all around the world travel here to visit this spectacular charm of Barcelona.


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