FC Barcelona museum & Camp Nou stadium – Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of sports. There is a huge crowd of admirers of the team of Barcelona who want to see, meet and observe their life style. FC Barcelona stadium is the amazing place where the fans can feel the presence of their most endorsed football person. The stadium is a tourism attraction because of the museum and construction. It is a lovely place where matches of different teams are going on. The museum is filled with memories associated with the charming and talented football players of Barcelona. There are a range of trophies, prizes and cups kept from the matches played around the world. When the football fans visit Barcelona museum, they first see the audio visual displays of the history and information about different matches. During the tour whole stadium is opened for the visitors. They can see the showers, changing rooms, message area and other to feel the pressure at the time of match. After visiting the insides of the stadium, tunnel is also opened to enter the stadium. History and club of Barcelona is very interesting. All the things are kept very perfectly from the time this all started. The opening timings of stadium remain fluctuating and booking before the arrival is mandatory because certain times match it practice keeps on going in the stadium. This is an amazing charm of the city that is highly recommended to the fans of football. Complete tour is guided where as extra charges are acquired for providing information in other languages.

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