Barcelona Points Of Interest

Barcelona, a city combined with gorgeous architecture, museums and history. It is a gem in Spain which is so interesting that no one will get bored by it. It is hard to talk about Barcelona without Antonio Gaudi. Since the end of 19th century, Gaudi started constructing different structures around Barcelona. The most famous one must be the unfinished Church – SagradaFamilia, while Casa Batllo and Casa Mila are also some other architecture by Gaudi that are worth to visit. On top of that, being a Roman military camp in the past, the Gothic quarter still has a lot of footprints from its historical past. Looking for Spanish delicacy? La Ramba is a road that leads visitors from the city centre to the harbor with restaurants, food markets and bars on their sides. For soccer fans, perhaps it will be a great chance to visit Camp Nou, the stadium for one of the best European football teams.

Top Barcelona attractions that you shall visit

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