Sagrada Familia – Barcelona


The Temple is located in Barcelona and is among the largest churches of Spain. There are various Sagrada Familia facts that make it worth visiting. It is a very spectacular place having architectural and spiritual importance. The temple was totally constructed with donations and its architecture is buried in the church that was died by the hit of the tram. Around 3 million visitors come to Barcelona each year and it is the most visited monument of the city.

Many people especially come to visit the church because of its religious significance. Sagrada Familia towers are designed in the geometrical shapes and are seen to be influenced from the shapes. They are made in the respect of apostles, marry and Jesus Christ and respectively their peaks are higher. This building is the representative of Barcelona at many places because the church is its entire centre and is counted among the most important monuments.

Its architect died before the completion and is completed later by different architects due to that its design is changed from the real idea of the architect. Sagrada Familia tickets are available online and from the church booth. They are on the less entrance fees but it is charged for the maintenance of the church.

The geometrical architecture and religious significance makes it a very important source of education and many students study its architectural designs, construction and religious scripts during their study or research. Sagrada Familia history makes it stand among the amazing monuments of the world. This place is a big source of increasing tourism of the country.


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