The Louvre – Paris


While roaming around Paris, the steps suddenly stop at a point that is a beautiful acrylic pyramid in front of an ancient Parisian building. This is nothing else than the spectacular Louvre Paris. It contains many specimen of the ancient art. Biggest and most famous creation displayed here is the portrait of Mona Lisa. This is the place that kept the ancient heritage to preserve it for the coming generation and due to this reason it is the most visited museum of the world that gets more than ten million people each year. This is the spectacularly informative place that keeps cultures and art under one roof.

Wonderful Louvre extends to the palace walls and displays a huge variety of artistic works. Basically in the ancient times Louvre was not the museum or art gallery. It was the residence of the French kings that later on opened for public and preserved to display the work of famous artists around the world. Everything is kept with great care and attention. An example is the Mona Lisa painting that is kept in the bullet proof glass in a separate room where the special care is provided to this priceless painting.

Another reason is that, it was marked as priceless so it cannot be insured. Louvre and museum has the complete data base of the collection according to their class so they can be extracted at any time. The collection helps in finding the history and information along with the pictures of each piece displayed. Louvre is the worth visiting site.


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