Pont des Arts Bridge – Paris


Pont des Arts Bridge Paris is an amazing pedestrian styled bridge that is famous around the world. It is also a part of UNESCO world heritage sites and is located on the river serene. The amazing place remains filled with tourists where as it is a famous monument for lovers. This charming place is constructed with wood panels and wrought iron that is very strong. It was collapsed once and reconstructed again. This place is an amazing historical monument. During 2008 tourists started a trend at the bridge. They started putting locks as the sign of love on the bridge and thrown the keys in the river.

After a couple of years the bridge faced a collapse because it got the weight of 700000 meters tons of iron over it. This was the weight of love locks put on it where as keys in the river also caused a threat to the exploitation of the natural water. It was necessary to eradicate and stop people from doing this because the beauty of the heritage site was getting damaged. A rule was applied by several organizations and government to stop tourists from putting locks on the bridge. A lot of people were educated regarding this by stopping them.

With the passage of time many people became a part of it and supported this rule from all over the world. This is an amazing site that is famous for the most wonderful experiences. It reaches many other historical sites where the people can enjoy complete trip. For this area walking or cycling tour is highly recommended. This is an amazing place where the things can be enjoyed perfectly along with the excellent landscape.


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