Jardin du Luxembourg – Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg Paris is a garden which was created by the queen of France after his death. This is basically a residence made by her. This is a spectacular place worth visiting. There are ample of statues used as the, park adornments. The calm environment of the park increases the serenity of the place. Jardin du Luxembourg got famous because of its calmness and peace. Visitors from all over the world come here to see the royal residence and relaxation of the environment. The terraces contain a series of statues from the ancient times. They are of French queens, saints and other ancient antiques. There is a separate part for children, which is entirely designed according to their playing area. It contains different activities and small playing equipments where they can enjoy. A lot of outdoor seating is available outside the garden and inside the beautiful plantations. There is a huge display of photography, art and sculptures. It makes the garden an outstanding piece of creativity worth visiting. There are many tourist attractions located near the garden. Odeon Theater is a famous place of entertainment located near the garden. This is amazingly outstanding that provides relaxation and peace to everyone. Wrought iron gates and grills make this place more entertaining and attractive. Fountains of park are outstanding piece of art from ancient times. They were constructed and preserved very carefully. This is a perfect illustration of Parisian beauty that entrances the attraction of the city.

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