Eiffel Tower – Paris

Nobody could ever understand the big question in the Eiffel tower history as it is the most visited historical monument in the world. When the Eiffel tower was made, it was meant to be a temporary and to be constructed in Spain. The idea of the architect gone rejected and he made it in the romantic Paris. IF we consult the Eiffel tower facts, it will increase the amazement that this body was sold on the price of the scrap iron. In the year 1909, the demolition of Eiffel tower was decided but this plan changed because it was the hugest giant antenna. Many couples and tourists come to this place and take the memory of this building in their hearts. The Length of Eiffel tower keeps on fluctuating with the change of season and due to the heavy sunlight it expands till six inches. It is not only a structure made of iron but more like a romantic place to have the perfect dinner. There is a restaurant on the top of Eiffel tower. There are lifts and stairs to go up where as when the Adolf Hitler visited the tower its lift was intentionally made out of order so he would go up through stairs. Eiffel Tower restaurant presents many cuisines and deserts to enjoy the meal. Eiffel tower ticket prices also vary if the booking is done for the group or the single person. Charges are from 9 Euro to 15 euro that is also given on discount when the booking is done for the group. For children and disabled the charges are very low. The entrance of the children under four years is free of cost. The place is very interesting and its importance is increasing day by day. This can be observed by its more than 30 replicas all around the world.

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