Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées – Paris

Arc de Triomphe Paris is the monumental planner where the sculptures from the nineteenth century are seen adorning them. This is the memorial of Napoleon war and French people who fought during them. The names are mentioned at the side of the traditional pieces of art. Different inscriptions and names of soldiers were written there as it is like a tomb of hundreds of people who fought in World War 1. Arch is a beautiful piece of creativity that spreads with it many other artistic pieces from the courtyard to the Louvre palace. The Unknown Soldier was a part of the war that fought anonymously due to that the monument is considered as a portrait of patriotism. This is visited by a huge crowd along with the monument; its path is also very attractive. It is a beautiful adornment of the city that touches the beautiful monument. There are a number of restaurants, theaters, cafes and luxury shops on both sides of the road. On the Bastille Day, this road is occupied for the military parade and honors the Arc de Triomphe. This is among the major places of the city due to that public transport and other vehicles are easily available. Many other events are also celebrated on this road as it is not just a path but a complete tourism place for the city. It also reaches too many other places like gardens and other monuments where as basically it is considered as a connecting path of Arc de Triomphe that was made to honor the great Napoleon Bonaparte. This is a famous brands market as well where many designer and street wear brands are located.

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