Le Cinq Codet Hotel

Le Cinq Code

The location of the Le cinq codet is perfect for the backpackers because the sophisticated tourist spots are near this hotel. Even they can get a beautiful landscape view from the window. The environment of the place is cozy and relaxing. The interior is designed by keeping the image of Paris and everything is selected according to the perfection of the surroundings of the city. It is a very artistic place containing luxurious amenities. The windows are placed in a properly planned manner so they provide the most outstanding view of the landscape. Whole hotel has contemporary designing having luxuries and wonderful outstanding art work.

Signature flooring and roofing have the elegance and all necessities of comfort. Rooms and suites are designed in a very prestigious way to give the exclusive experience to every guest. The rooms are divides according to their sizes among which the largest rooms have the attached balcony and Jacuzzi having stunning domes and artistic interior. Wireless internet is available in the entire hotel including the lobbies and other rooms. The rooms have stunning fireplace and terrace. The combined terrace contains a restaurant and bar where all the typical cuisines and continental dishes are available. Long list of bar contains very sophisticated wines and specialty drinks. Experience of this huge hotel is always amazing.


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