British Museum – London

British museum is the spectacular place to meet the things from ancient civilizations. Everything keeps some greater importance in the museum including the building, architecture and interior of the museum. Many British museum free tours are offered like eye opening tours and lunch time talks. During this time the whole visit is given along with the information about the ancient preserved items. British museum also organizes many exhibitions in which various people from all around the world also participates. The British museum tickets are limited for each day so it is better to do the pre booking. An entrance fee is free of cost. Although, there is a treasure to see in the British museum but the top things to see in the British museum are

  • The Sloane astrolabe that is the mechanical map of the heavens
  • Rosetta stone from the ancient Egypt that contains the wonderful hieroglyphs
  • Bust of the mighty pharaoh named Ramesses the great
  • Lion hunting carved sculpture from the ancient Assyrians
  • Easter Island statue that is the colossal figure

There are many other things like Sutton Hoo ship burial, chopper stone from Tanzania, Turquoise serpent that was the Mural used by the Aztec priests, Mold ceremonial gold cape and the beautiful sculpture of the god of life from Africans. British museum opening hours are 10:00 to 17:30 where as there are many cafes, restaurants and shops in the museum which are opened before the opening of the museum. The shops in the museum provide the wonderful handicrafts from all over the world. They also have the framed picture from the museum and different things. Many small sized replicas are also available in the shops but they are of very limited things not all of them.

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