Big Ben – London


During the visit to London, the eye stop on the Big Ben clock while passing by it due to the loud sound of the bell chimes. It was basically designed by the Charles Barry who took inspiration from the time when the palace was on fire. He designed it in the same way and for the clock inside it he called up a well known clock maker of that time to give the price and construction time of the huge clock. It is among the largest clocks in the world.

The Big Ben history is a little awkward because during 1976 an unexpected disaster occurred and the clock broke up in a very bad way that its whole clock room got destroyed. It was reconstructed from the scratch later because its whole chiming train and the clock room was demolished. There are many Big Ben facts among which the biggest one is whenever the New Year celebration is done, this clock is recorded and broadcasted many time on the television while hitting up twelve.

The train of the clock was hand wound and if anything occurs now the hand wound is done with the clock that takes two men work for five hours on it. The height of the tower of Big Ben London is 316 feet and the belfry goes to 200 feet long. The frame of the clock also moves that weighs almost 5 tons. It contains almost two dials one in another. This place has appeared as the representative of London in many places.

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