Topography of Terror – Berlin

Nazi regime was the worst part of the German history. There were a lot of places that got destroyed from that time. During the world war headquarters of many important buildings like Gestapo and SS were destroyed. Their ruins were demolished and the entire country faced big loss. Along the south side of Berlin there is a wall which existed during the world war. It was not demolished where as in the later years preserved as the memory of the world war terror. The area was the street and considered as the boundary wall between the American and soviet zones of occupation. This place was turned into a gallery as the mark of the tragedy. Museum located at this site contains the images of that time. They were of the prisoners from the political differences tortures and executions. Open air exhibition is very interesting but it can also be very disturbing for many people. Site of the open air exhibition is spared for different events and other displays. The museum and library is very huge that contains a lot of magazines and publications of that time. Library has the publications and many other things which were the memorials of that time. They contain the material and complete history to educate coming generation and provide knowledge about that time. During the Second World War this was always the center of Nazi forced labor camp so there are also underground cells which entirely present the portrait of brutal terror of that time.

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