Reichstag – Berlin


The Reichstag building is among the most famous landmarks and historical monuments which were almost demolished and reconstructed in the modern way. The reason of the destruction was the Reichstag fire in the Adolf hitler’s time. The reason of the fire is still unknown because the Nazis, Germans and communists blamed each other for this happening. The building was reconstructed without the dome whereas the dome idea was implemented later by modern architectures.

This is considered as the seat of the German parliament but some parts are opened for the visitors to have the Reichstag tours. The roof and dome have the wonderful sightseeing and there is the restaurant in the dome where the wonderful traditional and continental food is served. Only the roof and dome are open for the public and there are specific opening hours for the visitors on advance registration.

It is opened from 8:00 to 24:00 hrs day and remains closed on 24 December to 31 December. There are several days on which the dome is closed they are

  • 24 to 28 march
  • 7 to 11 July
  • 21 to 15 July
  • 20 to 24 October

During this time the cleaning and maintenance of the whole Reichstag is done especially the dome area. The other political activities remain running several times whereas the closing is done just for the public. The Reichstag tickets are valid for two days.

On spot booking is not done and it is necessary to do the booking a day before the visit. For the visitors a guide is available to provide the complete information about the place and its history.

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