Museum Island – Berlin


River spree is an amazing perfection that connects many cities and islands together in the form of beautiful tourist spots. There are a lot of gothic constructions and historical monuments in the city where are highly admired by people. Spree Island offers an extraordinary charm in Berlin that is known as Museum Island. It is a group of five museums located with each other perfectly. They are not a part of each other. This is a wonderful sight worth visiting as it is a home of creativity and information.

The names of these beautiful museums on island are Pergamom museum, Bode museum, Nueus museum, Alte national galerie, and Altes museum. They all are divided according to the collection displayed in them. They were renovated several times just to preserve the things properly. Permanent collections contain different crafts and historical specimens from Greek and Roman civilizations. Some belongs to the Byzantine as well. However among these all the Pergamom museum is the most visited museum in the entire Berlin.

This is a huge collection of ancient art and works due to that it is regarded as the most important monument of the city. It is also considered as a part of UNESCO world heritage sites. Different events and exhibitions are organized around the year. This place also provides platform to the emerging artists to participate and enhance their creativity by introducing their work. The cluster of museums is reachable through boat and public transportation. This is an amazing monument to enjoy the charms.


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