Jewish Museum – Berlin


The huge Jewish museum is the best place to experience the unique architecture and to do memorable errands. It is the perfect portrait to see the use of space. There are not much art displays or the works of artists where as the architectonics can be better seen here. Holocaust tower is more like horror tourism because the corner of the building is converted into the horrifying maze shape. The airy abstraction is more playful and makes the visit interesting and confusing. It shows the absence and presence at the same time. The whole museum has many interesting things in it.

Garden of exile is the weirder and amazing display of the greenery nobody can ever see in the world. The huge concrete blocks are arranged in the form of columns and rows. On the top of each block plantation is done. The olive trees are grown on it. This garden looks like constructed with the concrete trees. Different exhibitions and events are organized here because it has ample of space left undone. Jewish Museum Berlin opening hours are on Monday from 10:00 and to 10:00 pm. Tuesday and Sunday it closes at 8:00 pm.

The museum entrance has the sufficient security check that takes time so it is advised to the visitors to keep ample of time to visit the place. The entrance charges are from 3 Euros to 14 Euros that depends upon the exhibition and event going on. The audio guide is provided in the museum that tells the history and importance of the place.

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