Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

A wonderful place in Berlin, usually seen among different paintings and classical images is the Brandenburg gate Berlin. When it comes to the top most destinations photographs, Brandenburg represents Berlin. This is the symbol and monument to express German unity. It is the amazing example of German classicism. This is not a traditional gate where as it is a structure containing columns which divide the gate into five passages. It was created at the time of separation of east and West Berlin. This is located near the former city gate and adjacent to the city center. It is at a good location and almost all kinds of transpiration are available. There are different activities places also present which include different hotels and restaurants. Before the German war this date was isolated as it was near the Berlin Wall. Later on it received importance and became major tourist attraction in the city. Different events are organized at the location and celebrations are done to remember old part of the history. This is basically located at the West Berlin and people in the old times from East Berlin were not allowed to reach this gate so they used to see it from distance. In the night, entire place is illuminated and it becomes very attractive Gothic construction having statutes which portrays the perfection of ancient art. It is ornamented during the patriotic celebrations and the memorial of Napoleon Bonaparte. Flags and special arrangements are done especially on the national and international annual days.

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